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802 - How Often To Train Your Abs, Proper Use of Failure Training, and More…

September 1, 2022

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8:45 - I have been in a reverse diet since January of this year in preparation for my wedding in September. I began at 2,000 calories, worked up to 2,750 calories and am now in the end stages of my cut eating 1,800 calories. After my wedding I would like to get back to maintenance which I feel is around 2,200-2,300. Would I go straight to maintenance calories or work my way up gradually and see how my body is responding?

18:40? - Why do people think they need to work their abs every day to get abs. They say that is what their husband does and they have an 8pack year round?

30:00 - My question is, Im pretty sure I can’t afford coaching one on one. Can I download the app and do your programs there and if so what do you recommend to lose fat/weight at home. Thank you in advance

36:30 - I have heard you and other reputable trainers say you do not have to go to failure every set (occassionaly though it is good). My question is in order for me to progress I may start out at let's say 2 or 3 RIR but each week I add a rep to a set (sometimes I can't add weight just an additional rep). Eventually I will get to zero RIR. So what do I do the following week? I hit zero RIR (so failure)do I hit failure again the following week or scale back one or two reps so that I have 1-2 RIR vs 0 RIR


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