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805 - Healing Amenorrhea, How To Lean Bulk Without Getting Fat, And More….

September 6, 2022

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6:10 - I recently went to the OBGYN and they told me that the reason for my hormone imbalance is due to Hypothalamic amenorrhea and that I need to regain weight/fat so that I can regulate my hormones and get my period, but I don’t know how to address the nutrition and exercise portion. Should I try to increase calories and take a break from the gym while I gain some weight? or should I continue to train while increasing my calories? Should I also reduce my steps?

17:00 - Can you expand on what it means to take a muscle to failure? Like sometimes I have to stop because the muscle is burning, sometimes the weight is too much, sometimes certain things hurt, sometimes I’m just plain tired. Is there a particular type of failure I should be trying to hit?

27:45 - How do I know if I’m losing weight ‘too fast’? My goal is body recomp, I’m doing the bulletproof bodybuilding x5 female and my goal is recomp. I’ve noticed my weight dropping amazingly (lost just over 4kg in one month) and I’m very happy with it. I just want to make sure I am retaining the muscle I am building.

31:00 - Do you have to continuously increase calories in order to continue building muscle in a lean bulk?

37:10 - What are 3 golden nuggets you’d give to an upcoming certified personal trainer?

46:10 - For the average lifter, what are your thoughts on the use of both the trap bar and landmine tool?


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