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807 - Fixing Knee Pain, How Long You Should Spend With A Coach, and More….

September 12, 2022

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5:10 - I have a question about maintaining muscle. I recently found out that i'm pregnant so my main focus will be growing my baby over the next 9 months, and maintaining the muscle I already have. I've been cleared by my doctor to still workout but I don't want to overstress my body. I've been going to the gym 4 x a week and doing a two upper two lower split about 15-18 sets per muscle group per week for the past year. How much volume should i be doing if my main focus is just to maintain the muscle i currently have?

14:45 - How long do clients typically stay with coaches? I’ve been working with my coach for 6 months. I’ve learned a lot and made progress. I’m not sure how I would do on my own but I also feel kind of embarrassed that I still “need” them.

24:45 - If I’m reverse dieting, do I need to add volume in order to maintain my weight?

33:45 - Are GDA supplements worth it? When to use them if so?

40:40 - I get knee pain during every single leg day. Any suggestions?

49:05 - I’ve been staying in the 4-6 rep range, but want to know if dropping weight to do more reps will be better for muscle growth?


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