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810 - Qualities In A Good Coach, Staying In Maintenance Forever, And More…

September 19, 2022


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(2:00) - I’m currently in a cut… What’s more beneficial, intraformance or ignition? Or neither?

(8:25) - When pursuing a weight loss goal, how many days per week is optimal for lifting weights?

(11:20) - Can you bring back Monday motivation episodes on the podcast?

(13:20) - What are some qualities to look for when hiring a coach?

(21:20) - Is it really because I’m 40 that I can’t lose this belly fat? What else can I be doing?

(26:30) - I’m doing “all the things” and I’m stingy… can I save money and just do a few supplements without missing out?

(28:45) - Can you stay at maintenance forever or is it needed to take a break from maintenance at times?

(34:30) - What do you think about this new trend of “fit pros” saying they don’t need certs or educational credentials?


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