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Ep. 605 - Losing fat post pregnancy, Regaining menstrual cycle, Staying motivated, and More….

June 4, 2021

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5:10- Been working out in and out of calorie deficit for almost a year now. I am extremely proud of my strength and the way my body has evolved, except for my mommy pooch. I believe I still have a little bit of diastasis recti and I am doing the appropriate exercises for this. I know you cannot spot reduce but this area doesn’t seem to budge. I’ve been in slight deficit for 9 weeks and just cut a little bit more this week to see if I see better results. Any tips?

11:00 - Im reading the book 'The One thing' as part of the challenge. I know you have read that book. What were your biggest take away from this book?

22:00 - If you hit your protein and carbs but still struggle to get all the calories in, on a surplus does it slow down the process of muscle growth?

27:15 - How do you stay upbeat and keep going when you are injured?

30:05 - What are the best tips to get clients to do things like stress relieving activities?

35:30 - Exit plan from dieting that doesn’t require so much time after the diet is done?

40:15 - What traits of yours do you want your daughter to develop?

52:10 - How do I regain my period after weight loss/calorie deficit?


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