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Ep. 607 - Q&A: Best Way To Track Biofeedback, Developing Self-Accountability, and More…

June 11, 2021

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6:10 - How do you coach a client who isn’t being honest about their nutrition?

13:45 - Best ways to hold yourself accountable?

27:50 - Is there a reason to slowly reverse to maintenance if you roughly know your maintenance calories?

33:50 - After a night shift, I can only sleep for about 4-5 hours but still like to get a workout in. Do you have any suggestions for sleep, recovery and getting the most I can out of workouts when I feel low energy or drained?

40:15 - What would be the strategy/benefit of pre fatiguing muscle groups before compound lifts?

47:35 - Recommendation for training for an individual who now suffers from balance issues after getting a cochlear implant. They find that they can only train sitting down if they stand they tend to fall

52:10 -  I am 5 3” and weigh around 97 pounds. I am slightly underweight currently and eating 1575 calories in a reverse diet adding 75 calories a week, with 5x week strength training and 15 minutes of elliptical per day. I’m keeping my total steps at 10k every day. Is this ok or should I lower them even more? I am eating 1.25-1.3 grams of protein per lb. Is it too high? 0.4 grams of fat per lb and the reminding Cals in carbs.

56:25 - Could you go in-depth into biofeedback for fatigue? I've heard you list what to look out for (sleep, willingness to train, sex drive, etc), but not a lot of how to look at them. What specifically are the things we should look out for, or behaviors or feelings we have that are signals we are fatigued and something needs to be done? And it wouldn't hurt to hear what can be done about it, besides implementing a deload.


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