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Ep. 613 - Q&A: How Long Newbie-Gains Last, Metabolic Flexibility, My Hiring Process, and More…

June 25, 2021

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0:40 - How often do you feel people under appreciate the information you share?

4:00 - Can extreme GI issues inhibit you from making progress?

7:40 - Did I waste newbie gains if I failed at body recomp as a beginner on my first cut

11:25 - Did you go through any business coaching programs developing your business? 

21:30 - What is your take on “metabolic flexibility” and “fat burning” and “sugar burning” 

27:00 - Thoughts on band around knees for Hip thrusts? 

32:10 - Thoughts on creatine?

33:45 - Favorite exercise for rear delts 

36:50 - what to look for in new interns?

41:30 - How many days a week of strength training and cardio are need to get lean?

44:52 - Should we get to maintenance calories before going into a cut?


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