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806 - 7 Challenging Ways To Spark New Gains in The Gym

September 9, 2022

Today we’re going to dive into 7 specific training methods I’ve used for programming over the years, to help clients bust through plateaus and see some pretty insane new gains.


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(4:30) - Cluster Sets

  • Examples would be a 3x3 cluster or a 6x1 cluster, with 10-20 seconds between
  • This acts as a way to increase volume with high intensity methods

(12:25) - Wave Loading

  • 3,2,1,3,2,1 reps… 6 sets, descending twice per session.
  • This is a way to safely reach a higher max load per session

(16:00) - Strength Circuits

  • Big compound lifts done in a circuit fashion for low rep ranges
  • Metabolically brutal and improves your ability to express strength under fatigue

(22:15) - Omni-Contractions

  • Having a specific session for each contraction type:
  1. Eccentric
  2. Isometric
  3. Concentric

(31:35) - Methodical Drop Sets (80% + 60%, 90% + 70%)

  • Perform 1 set at 80% of 1RM for 3-5 reps, peel 20% off and hit another 5-10 reps
  • Perform 1 set at 90% of 1RM for 1-3 reps, peel 20% off and hit another 4-6 reps

(37:30) - Max Frequency 

  • Increasing frequency on a muscle group or lift that you’re struggling with in order to increase the neurological adaptations to that muscle or movement pattern

(40:30) - Create ANY Dramatic Change (Maximize Novelty)

  • The point here is simple… DO SOMETHING YOU HAVEN'T DONE YET!


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